Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Recently injured? Chronic lower back pain? No problem...

Richard Harris Performance works closely together with Cambridgeshire Sports Physio and Back care to advise appropriate rehabilitation work to help get you from the treatment couch back to full fitness, whether it is for an upcoming competition, to get back to match fitness or to be able to improve the quality of life.


Physiotherapy will be provided by Sara Taylor, founder and lead Physiotherapist at Cambridgeshire Sports Physio and Back care.  From here you will be given the necessary treatment to help prepare you for any necessary rehabilitation programme with us. Sara has over 20 years experience as a chartered Physiotherapist. Rest assured you are in safe hands.





We have had several clients that have been referred to us with many types of long term dysfunctions, especially chronic lower back problems. This is an area of particular interest at Richard Harris Performance. If this sounds like you, contact us now to take the first step to a pain free life.