Personal Training
'I have had several personal trainers in the past, Richard certainly ranks above the rest...'

Personal Training with Richard Harris Performance is motivating, challenging but most enjoyable. In fact, not one training session we conduct does not involve a good laugh or two! Of course getting results and getting them in a realistic time is important too. Every client is unique, from their hectic schedules to their different movement patterns to their varied goals. It is for this reason you will be initially assessed in all aspects of health, fitness and function to ensure that your training is planned appropriately to achieve your goals. Rest assured your training will not be driven from looking at magazines or by what equipment is available on the day!


You may ask yourself do you need personally training? Absolutely. Everyone will benefit from training with Richard Harris Performance. Personal Training with us is not just about getting you in the gym, working with you for an hour or so and not speaking until the next session.  We like to educate our clients with the latest science and explain the reasons behind our methods. Even if you are an experienced gym user or athlete, we will progress your results further than is possible on your own using the latest tried and tested training methods.

We will provide you with everything you need to achieve your goal, whatever the goal may be; reduction in body fat, improved ability to perform activities of daily life, or improved flexibility!


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Our Personal Training is very much shared with our other services in order to help you achieve the best progression possible. See what our current clients are saying about their experiences with Richard Harris Performance here and then get in contact!